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Data is the currency of the digital economy and determines how artists break. As the number of artists in the ecosystem increases and labels sign more and more artists, there is an opportunity for every rapper to win. By learning streaming platforms' algorithms and analyzing mountains of data, we learn how artists can strategically roadmap their careers. You don't need every fan; you need the right fans. Database Devi is an analytics platform that generates actionable audience segments for artists, making every marketing dollar count towards chart-topping releases.

Get fans in the right places. Every artist can win.

What We Do

Arm artists with the right data to build sustainable audiences and generate hit records.

Geographic Targeting

Artists only need to win fans in a targeted areas and channels to get a hit record. Using analysis based on other artists hits, we determine where and when artists need to gain audiences in different locations. We generate customized geographic targeting based on the artist's subgenre and exisiting fanbase.

Touring Strategy

Location is everything. A solid touring strategy using our geographic analysis ensures artists use their touring budgets to build strategic audience segments and sell out every show.

Channel Strategy

Different subgenres perform differently depending on streaming service. Since we aggregate data from all channels, our analytics are stronger than any individual streaming services' analytics. We take one step back and tell you which advertising channels will best rack up streams on an artist's key streaming services.

Data Packets for Brand & Ad Deals

Streaming platforms are increasingly inking custom deals with labels and artists for royalty fees; we create data packets about audience segments to give artists a leg up in these conversations. We also provide audience data analysis packets to advertisers for direct deals on video ads and other brand deals.

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